Aimpoint Pro (Patrol Rifle Optic)
Part Number AIM-12841
Aimpoint Pro (Patrol Rifle Optic)
Aimpoint Pro (Patrol Rifle Optic)
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Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic

When designing this beauty, the best professionals gave their input so that The Patrol Rifle Optic would please even the most demanding and experienced operators. It had to be light, practical and withstand any type of use. This is why the Aimpoint Pro includes many features never before seen in a weapon Sight before to assist the operators in the modern challenges faced by law enforcement today.
The Aimpoint Pro was built with a hard anodized 30mm tube, which is very durable and tough enough to withstand most situations. The highly efficient circuitry enclosed within allows you to keep the Sight constantly turned on for three whole years.
There is a special band-pass coating on the front lens, which is compatible with most night vision devises you might want to integrate into your weapon Sight. The Aimpoint Pro's modular QRP2 mount includes a removable spacer, which helps you to adjust the height of your Sight to co-witness with the standard iron sights AR-15/M16/M4 of carbine style weapons. The spacer is easily removable, so that the Sight can be used on police shotguns and sub-machine guns.
The QRP2 also has a torque-limiting twist knob, which makes sure adequate pressure is applied on the rail, while also abolishing any chance of over-tightening. The front and rear lenses are deep enough inside the Sight body so that they are protected from fingerprints, dirt and scratches, prolonging the sight's life.
There are two flip covers included to protect you lenses when the sight is not in use, while there is also a transparent rear cover so that the sight can be used in emergency situations without removing it. The Aimpoint pro utilizes a red dot at 2 minutes of angle for maximum accuracy at different distances and in different environmental situations.

So what does the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic offer you:
It can stay turned on and operational for 3 whole years. There is no need to turn it on or off constantly, so no fumbling and mistakes.
It has a 2 minute of angle red dot to help you achieve higher accuracy when engaging long distance targets.
It includes reminders that make service and battery change days easy to remember.
It helps you aim at your target and increases the chance of hitting with your first shot, in comparison to normal iron sights and scopes.
It can be used with all night vision devices and it can also be used with Aimpoint 3x magnifier and concealed engagement unit.
The hard-anodized alloy of the housing is waterproof to up to 150 feet below the surface of the water and it is durable enough to withstand most real world conditions.
The front lens has a threaded opening which allows the use of a screw-in anti reflection device.
Front and rear covers for lens protection.
The transparent rear flip cover allows use of the sight even with the covers closed.
Retainer straps keep your battery and adjustment cap in place so you don't lose pieces of your equipment.
The modular mount is set up so you can use it on AR16/M16/M4 carbine type weapons.
The spacer is removable so that the Aimpoint can be used on shotguns and sub-machine guns.
QRP2 rail grabber mount can be fastened tight onto your rail with no fear of leaving marks, just by snapping the knob three times.
Lenses are place deep within the casing so that they are protected from fingerprints, dirt and damage.

Law Enforcement carbines, rifles, shotguns and submachineguns
Article number 12841
Technology ACET (Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology)
Working principle Reflex collimator sight - red dot sight
Lightsource LED (Light Emitting Diode) totally eye-safe
Lightsource wavelength 650 nm red light
Red dot size in MOA (minute of angle)* 2
Parallax Absence of parallax -
No centering required
Eye relief Unlimited
Night vision compatibility Yes
Anti-reflex coating all surfaces & multi-layer coating objective lens Yes
Magnification No magnification (1X)
Battery One 3V Lithium battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N
Battery life in hours ** 30 000 (over 3 years of continuous use)
Dot intensity adjustment Manual rotary switch
Daylight (DL) settings 6 DL of which one extra bright
NVD settings 4 NVD
Material housing High strength aluminum
Surface finish Hard anodized, matte
Color housing Black
Adjustment 1 click 13mm at 100m, (1/2" at 100yds)
Mounting methods QRP2 mount for M1913 atandard Picatinny rail, and spacer for AR15/M4 carbine application
Temperature range -45 - +71 C, (50- +160 F)
Water resistance - submersible to 45m, (150ft)
Radioactive components used None
Length 130mm, (5.1")
Width/height sight only 55 x 55mm, (2.2" x 2.2")
Maximum ring width 30mm, (1.18")
Objective diameter 38mm, (1.5")
Tube diameter 30mm, (1.18")
Weight sight only 220g, (7.8oz)****
Weight sight only 220g, (7.8oz)****
Weight sight with integrated mount 11.6 oz including mount and spacer
* 1 MOA 30 mm at 100 meters 1 at 100 yards.

** at room temperature & at setting 7 out of 10.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

UPC CODE : 7350004383399
  • Aimpoint Pro (Patrol Rifle Optic)
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